Blog 8

Hello again, carrying on from where Blog 7 ended, September was a busy month here at Little Parrot HQ. We carried on our long running association with the dearly departed Big Brother, this time we provided the crew for the refurbishment of the live set, working mainly outdoors in glorious weather, the guys did a lovely job of giving the set a new lease of life for the final season.

We then moved on to a commercial build and shoot for the high street and online bookmakers, Paddy Power. The set we built was a sauna/steam room all finished in a lovely whitewashed concrete scenic treatment. We set up over the course of a day at a famous racing stables close to Guildford, the ad featured a robotic horse (built by others) which the residing members of the equine community certainly found very interesting. The ad features on ITV 4’s coverage of the racing on a Saturday afternoon.

This job was closely followed by some flat hires and a very last minute conference build, that was built in the morning and delivered and used the same afternoon. The next project we undertook was a bit different to anything we had done before, a bed/meditation platform for a new concept in wellness therapy. A flat in Russell Square, London being converted into a wellness space for people to stay and meditate in, so our bed had to convert from bed to a solid meditation platform and back again without the removal of the bedding etc all finished in a lovely birch ply.

Another commercial build followed with some prop builds for the energy company, Good Energy. Freestanding doorways and freestanding bicycles on rolling platforms along with some props for puppeteers made this another interesting build for us. Straight from this we went into the set build for The Teaching Awards Trust, who every year collaborate with the BBC to put on, “Britain’s Classroom Heroes” which airs on BBC 2, more to follow about that next month….